South Shasta County Children's Chorus takes center stage

Anderson, Calif. - Youth from all over the Northstate will be performing Cinderella at the Anderson Union High School Performing Arts Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This will be the South Shasta County Children's Chorus sixth musical. But the program is giving kids more than just the spotlight.

"This gives kids an opportunity and a venue to shine," said musical director Nancy Dutton.

With 55 performers, ranging in ages from 7 to 13, Dutton has her hands full. The kids have spent countless hours rehearsing for the musical. Dutton says she is proud to see them grow on and off the stage.

"I want them to feel good about what they are doing up there and it shows when they get up and they just beam," said Dutton.

For the lead characters, Cinderella played by 13-year-old Sarah Roe and Prince Christopher played by 13-year-old Trenton Eide, it is their final performance with the group. The eighth graders are heading to high school next year and they say this program has given them the confidence to take that next big step.

"When they are going into high school there are a lot of people there and you don't know where you fit in, and with a group like this you can really learn who you are," said Roe.

"If you practice and practice you get so good and you can show off and your friends are like you are pretty cool," said Eide.

Both hope to pursue acting and singing as a career, and feel center stage is where they belong.

"You can be all these different things and you don't have to be yourself to do it you can go into to this different role and get so into it," said Eide.

"I can put myself out there in front of people and they won't laugh at me or they will like me for who I am," said Roe.

Cinderella will be performed at the Anderson Union High School Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There will also be a matinee at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets are available at the door, $10.00 for adults and $8.00 for children and seniors.

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