Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said Friday that Johnny Manziel can still beat out Brian Hoyer for the starting quarterback job.

Hoyer will start Monday night's preseason game against the Washington Redskins, the second time that Pettine has gone with the veteran quarterback over Manziel, the popular rookie first-round pick.

"Sure he can,'' Pettine told reporters of Manziel. "All of our options are still on the table. I think a lot of people read into what happened, but every option for us is still on the table.''

Pettine still plans to make his starting quarterback decision on Tuesday to get ready for the season opener Sept. 7 at Pittsburgh.

"That should be the target date,'' he said. "Something unforeseen could come up, but we're hopeful. I want to see if I can cut the quarterback questions down by about 90 percent after next week -- and the chemistry, continuity, it's important to establish that.''

Pettine announced Thursday that Hoyer would start against the Redskins, but Manziel worked with the first team in practice Friday.

Pettine gave his assessment about his two quarterbacks fighting for the starting job.

"He (Manziel) just needs to go out and play,'' Pettine said. "That's the bottom line. They both do. And I've met with both of them and discussed the situation and they're both comfortable with it, and they both know that it's going to be up to them when they're out there to just go out and do their job. You never want a guy trying to do too much and come out of structure in order to accomplish something.

"We keep preaching to our guys, 'Do your job and good things will happen.'

"We feel like we're in a good position. We have two quarterbacks that we feel have NFL starter ability. That's why it will be a difficult decision."

Pettine said he wants Hoyer and Manziel to work with the starters equally Monday night.

"I know a report came out about how we're going to use them series-wise (every second drive), but to me it's more we want to make sure we get the reps balanced, and I think it's hard to go every other series. We'll just have a pretty good feel. If the first drive is a long one, there's a chance we could go ahead and make the switch, but I don't want to back myself into any commitment on 'Hey it's going to be this.'

"The goal is as I stated that at the end of the half, we want to have those reps close to equal.''

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Friday that his starters will play about a quarter in the game.

"I'm expecting being the second preseason game that they're going to extend their starters into the second quarter if not until the half," Pettine said, "so I know I don't have control over when their guys are out there, but I'm confident he'll get some work against their ones.''

Pettine was asked why he didn't just start Manziel to make sure he gets in enough plays against the Redskins starters.

"Because that's the decision we made,'' he said. "We're making our decisions on the information we have, based on the body of work, and that's what we decided to do. There were a lot of factors involved and when we hashed it out that's the direction we went.''

Pettine said he will get input from his coaches before making the final decision.

"It'll be a group of us," Pettine said. "It'll be (quarterbacks coach) Dowell (Loggains), (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan). We might involve (general manager) Ray (Farmer) just to kind of listen and observe. There might be another guy or two in there."

Pettine keeps team owner Jimmy Haslam informed about his quarterbacks.

"We talk about it, but it's just more of an update," Pettine said. "He goes around. He'll talk to Kyle. He'll talk to Dowell. He just doesn't talk to those guys. He kind of gets an assessment at every position. He likes to talk to the coordinators about their side of the ball. Usually, I'm just echoing what the other guys are saying. He's a big fan. He wants to know. You can tell he's passionate about his team. He wants to know what's going on and he asks the right questions."