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  • Chico man lives baseball fan's ultimate fantasy

    After Friday night's game at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas Rob Sylvester of Chico will catch a flight to Miami, Florida for Saturday's Marlins game, then to eight more baseball parks in his quest to see 30 Major League Baseball games in 30 different ballparks in 30 days.
    Sylvester's baseball park adventure began on June 4th in Milwaukee and will end on July 4th at AT&T Park in San Francisco.
    "I've always wanted to do this, to see if you could see 30 games in 30 days," Sylvester said after landing in Arlington on Friday.
    "One day I got a schedule out and saw that it was physically possible," he said, estimating that his travels and tickets will cost him between $10-15,000.
    "I'm doing this on planes, trains and automobiles," he said.
    Besides being an avid baseball fan, Sylvester is also a lover of animals, which is why he's helping the Butte Humane Society raise money for a new shelter.
    "I think it's exciting," said Chelsea Beights of the Butte Humane Society, who is tracking Sylvester's progress on the organization's webpage.
    She adds that he's way ahead of schedule. "His goal was $100 per game. He's going to Game 20 today, and he has raised over $2,800 for Butte Humane," she said.
    Sylvester isn't doing this for publicity.  He's had enough of that, as he was nearly killed in 2007 when scaffolding at Highways 149 and 70 landed on his Fed-Ex truck.
    He's also taking this journey in memory of his son, Nick, who died three years ago at the age of 21.
    "I think about him every day, every minute of every day, really," Sylvester said of his son.
    You can follow Rob Sylvester's ballpark excursion by logging onto and clicking on the Fact Files.

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