State funding to help with local jail realignment issues

State funding to help with local jail realignment issues

REDDING, Calif. - Some changes for the better are coming to the Shasta County Jail. That is what Sheriff Tom Bosenko called the allocation of $20 million being brought into the county.

The purpose is to help ease the pain of prison realignment on county jail facilities.

In a news release from the sheriff's office, it was announced that $500 million was allocated to 15 counties for upgrading local jails. That will include rehabilitative program space that meets Gov. Jerry Brown's prison and public safety realignment goals.

Shasta County got their full request granted of $20 million.

It will go toward a medium security 64-bed facility to be built in the near future.

Bosenko talked about why Shasta County was a good fit to receive this funding.

"It wasn't necessarily about more beds, but it was about the right beds," said Bosenko. "Those right beds being rehabilitation and also mental health services and rehabilitation of services and programs for the inmates. That's what the Senate Bill 1022 was geared for."

Senate Bill 1022 is what is financing these needed modifications.

Bosenko presented the proposal to state officials a little more than a week ago.

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