State Senator Jim Nielsen visits surgery center

CHICO, Calif. - State Senator Jim Nielsen got a tour of the Skyway Surgery Center in Chico Thursday afternoon.

Administrators say they wanted to show him it's useful and less expensive for patients.
Senator Nielsen said that he was very impressed with the Skyway Surgery Center.

The Skyway Surgery Center is off the Skyway as you're heading towards Paradise from Chico.  The center offers elective surgery to their patients such has orthopedic procedures, hysterectomies, and joint replacements.
The center has four operating tables and procedure room.  The staff said you can save up to 58% and they'll have you out in the same day.

"I've been out in the community and realized that there are so many people that don't understand the choice they had in healthcare," said Laura Dahlin, administrator of the Skway Surgery Center.

"Coming here gives me a birds-eye view of what's going on here in medicine today," said Nielsen.  "As I deal with these major issues in Sacramento as a member of the health committee and as a member of the budget committee, now I can really visualize in my mind's eye when I'm at that committee at 11 o'clock at night and we are dealing with these issues what's going on here."

The center says they are staffed with experienced doctors, and they roughly perform over 3,000 procedures a year.

Just a reminder, this is not an emergency room.  The center says if you do have an emergency, they advise you to go to a hospital.

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