State water policy discussed at public hearing

REDDING, Calif. - It was a packed Shasta County Board of Supervisors chambers Wednesday afternoon.

The topic, water, had the room overflowing with people.

It was standing room only for the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife hearing on a 2014 water bond.

It would pay for water-related projects and programs, potentially including more water to improve delta water quality and tunnels that would take water to San Joaquin Valley agriculture and Southern California.

Assemblyman Brian Dahle is on the committee.

He says he's keeping a close eye on attempts to take local water south.

"We want to make sure we have the water we need here," said Dahle, "and take care of the things we need here in the Northstate before they get taken somewhere else. That for me is pretty much top priority number one."

A bill now in the State Legislature would cut the bond's scope and amount.

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