Stores Still Have Deals for Last Minute Gifts

REDDING,Calif - Valentine's Day is on Wednesday and stores are feeling it as last-minute shoppers try to find gifts for their valentines.

Justin Gentile is not a last minute shopper this year, but he does have some tips for those who are on a rush.

"You always have to have a plan, you have to know what they like," said Gentile. You have to pay close attention when you're talking to her so you can pick up on these little hints so you can get them along the way before the actual day."

Stores have specials to help those who have procrastinated more than Gentile. Jewelry stores like "Heart Of Gold" have heart shaped pendants which can be perfect gifts for this time of year.

"The woman can show off to her friends not to say look what I have, but look how I'm treated , that's what makes jewelry so special," said Randy Janis, Owner of Heart Of Gold.

Flower shops say that they are also feeling the rush. They said that Valentine's Day is the busiest time of the year behind Mother's Day.

Redding Flowers is offering not only flower bouquets but also candy bouquets for those who don't like flowers.

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