Students honoring teacher in Wildflower bike race

Students honoring teacher in Wildflower bike race

PARADISE, Calif. - Students at Paradise Adventist Academy are dedicating their ride in Sunday's Wildflower Bike Ride to their teacher who passed away last November.

Jim Retzer's students say he was their inspiration both inside and outside the classroom.

Students and family tell us that Retzer passed away in November from what they believe was a heart attack.

Retzer was a 6th and 7th grade teacher at Paradise Adventist Academy. Part of his PE curriculum was having his students' bike three times a week. He also had them train for the Wildflower Bike Race in Chico; a 100 mile bike ride around Chico, Paradise, and Durham.

This year the students dedicate the ride in Retzer's name, and made shirts that say "Retzer's Sevvies" on them.

"In all of the years, we've always been called the Retzer's Sevvies so we got these memorial jersey's," said Retzer's student, Carson Cummings.

Another student, Quincy Carter, says it's all about showing what Retzler meant to them.

"We want show people how much really loved him and show them that he taught to persevere and stay strong," said Carter.

The students said Retzer took them on bike rides on Honey Run Road all the way from Chico to Paradise. They also went to Tehama County to train in Paskenta.

On Saturday night all 80 people participating in the race on Sunday will meet at the school to take a group picture and put it in his classroom.

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