Students pack 10,000 meals for kids in need

REDDING, Calif. - Students at Liberty Christian School packed more than 10,000 meals today for local families in need. It took the students about eight months to raise the money and food necessary to pull it off.

"It's important because if they don't have food they can't live and so we all need food to live," said Katelyn Fox, a student at Liberty Christian.

Liberty Christian students were busy Friday packaging meals that will feed families across the Northstate. Students ranging from pre-school to high school worked together to make the Helping Hands Fight Hunger fundraiser a success.

The school collaborated with Cornerstone Consulting Group and Crown Motors. Students raised money from family and friends for eight weeks and were able to package more than 10,000 meals.

"The national average in the country is one in six are food insecure," said Dustin Funk, with Cornerstone Consulting Group. "One in five are children so that's the scary part."

Students chose to package macaroni and cheese because it's easy to cook.

"Some of them come home from school and you know what are kids gonna make themselves? So macaroni and cheese is something every kid can make, heat up and it's there," said Shaye Dietrich, a junior at the school.

"These little kids, they inspire us because they're out here and they're happy about it," said Deontrey Fuller, a student at the school.

Dignity Health will be picking up the food and distributing it to 17 different organizations in the community. The school also wants to thank Crown Motors for their sponsorship.

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