Students roll out for Bike Day

REDDING, Calif. - Wednesday was Bike to School Day. Thirteen schools in Shasta County took part of the event. Turtle Bay School was one of those schools. Students got together at the Sundial Bridge and with supervision rode back to the school.

Redding police met with the students prior, to go over very important information, regarding the importance of wearing a helmet and looking both ways when riding.

"You have to wear a helmet so if you fall off your bike you won't hurt your head," said Olivia Pimentel, student at Turtle Bay.

"It's exercise and it was fun because you get to bike with friends," agreed Abby Waugh.

The event was meant to encourage students to get on their bikes for a healthier lifestyle. A total of 50 turtle bay students participated along with 20 adults.

This is the third year Shasta County schools have participated in Bike to School Day.

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