Students walk to school to promote healthy living

REDDING, Calif. - Dozens of Mountain View Middle School students gathered at the McConnell Foundation Event Center parking lot Wednesday morning to take part in"Walk to School Day."

Twelve Shasta County schools participated in the event.

Before their walk, students were given a healthy snack. Then, along with some adult supervision, they hit the pavement.

Once students got to school they had an outdoor assembly where a karate instructor demonstrated some moves and spoke with the students about the importance of staying active.

"If you don't stay fit you could get diseases like diabetes and stuff like that," said Mountain View student Rylie Trinca. "It's important to stay fit so that way you get jobs that you have to do physical work for instead of getting paid less because you can't do physical work."

The event is organized by the Shasta County Safe Routes to School Program which works with schools to improve pedestrian safety and promotes walking and biking to school.

Prizes were given to all students who participated.

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