Summer heat, fireworks both bad for your pets

REDDING, Calif. - Pet owners beware; the 4th of July can be one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous times of the year for your furry friend.

The ResQ Animal Coalition said there are certain things pet owners can do this 4th of July to make sure their pets stay safe.

They said it's important to remember that a majority of dogs are bothered by loud noise, and that mixed with summer heat, can be deadly.

They advise keeping your dog away from fireworks displays. And if your dog suffers from anxiety due to loud noises, you can take them to the vet prior to July 4th to be treated.

Even more important, they say, is not leaving your pet alone in the car while watching fireworks, since partially opened windows do not provide sufficient air.

"You have to get them cooled down with tepid water," said Janie Hopper, who works at ResQ Animal Coalition. "Never ever put ice water on an animal; it will send them into shock. Leave your dog at home and don't take your dog out in the heat."

It's also important to not leave your pet outside unattended during the holiday since they can escape or become entangled in their chain if they get scared, Hopper said.

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