Sundial Film Festival thrills big screen lovers

REDDING, Calif. - Ambitious Northstate film makers saw their work on the big screen Saturday during the 6th Annual Sundial Film Festival at the Cascade Theater in Redding.

The event kicked off at 1 p.m. with the prime-time shows starting at 7 o'clock.

The festival is put on by the Redding Active 20-30 Club.

From fairytale characters, to behind the scenes action, to films based in West Africa--there's a little something for every movie lover.

Redding native Mike Dewey won best documentary for his film about launching Go-Pro cameras into space.

He produced his film along with some friends near Los Angeles, where he now lives. 

Dewey is excited for his friends here in the Northstate to watch the documentary at the Cascade Theatre.

"Friends are going to come and check it out. And it's so cool to show them what we worked on," said Dewey. "This is the first thing I've worked on and  the fact that we got into this film festival is just amazing. I'm so pumped about it."

Organizers said they hope stories like Dewey's are an inspiration to others in Redding.

"We also love this event because it just kind of showcases the amazing things and the talents that people here, and people from here, bring back to our community," explained Angela Cordell, boardmember of the Redding Active 20-30 Club and Sundial Film Festival organizer.

Dewey hopes to use the prize money to make more films with his friends.

You can watch his video at home by going to the website and searching "Project Space"

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