Superheroes wanted, Kids4healing relay team

Superheroes wanted, Kids4healing relay team

REDDING, Calif. - Turtle Bay School student Katelyn Peterson shaved her head after finding out that her family friend, Lisa Franks was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since then, Katelyn has been trying to put a team together for Relay for Life.

Katelyn said she has passed out 3,700 flyers all over Redding's elementary and junior high schools within the last two weeks but no one has responded.

So she posted a video about what her friend Lisa is going through to help those who don't know understand the process of battling cancer. Katelyn also created a group called Kids4healing.

The purpose of the group is to fund raise and help cancer patients. And Katelyn hopes that many kids sign up and know that they can make a difference.

Katelyn said she didn't understand, until she heard Lisa explain what she was going through.

"I was never gonna see my grand kids grow up or get married or anything like that. It was really hard the first thing I thought was my grandchildren," said Lisa Franks."My tongue feels like its burnt, I have bones and muscles that hurt really bad, I can barely walk, barely move."

"I really didn't know how painful the chemo was and I didn't know any of the side effects that it came with," Katelyn said.

So far she has distributed many fliers but no one has responded.

"If just 10 people showed up that's $10 so that would be $100, all going to American Cancer Society," said Katelyn. And she said she will do everything she can to hopefully find a cure.

"I'd wish to see like a new way for it to be less painful, like medicines," said Katelyn.

"I just wanna stop doing it too, cause it makes me so sick, it takes a lot from me but on the other hand I wanna get through it too so I can start being around my grandchildren again," Lisa said.

For more information you can go to or contact Jessica Peterson at

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