Superstorm Sandy Volunteers Return Home to the North State

Superstorm Sandy Volunteers Return Home to the North State

REDDING, Calif. - Two North State Red Cross Volunteers returned home Wednesday night after assisting victims of Superstorm Sandy.

It was Nancy Geer and Richard Yoder's third deployment to the Tri-State area since the storm destroyed parts of New York City, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut last October.

Geer worked to reunite 240 families in New York and New Jersey.

Yoder helped folks evacuate from lower Manhattan.
We asked the two how folks in the North State could assist victims.

"I think at this point, it has to be donations of money, that's the hard one," said Geer.

Yoder said, "Take a few minutes and a little bit of your time and effort and think about what would you do if you have to go out of your home all of sudden. Around here usually it's a fire but we've had flood problems too. Get prepared mentally if nothing else for some of those things that can hit you, cause they can."

The Red Cross says it's important to send donations to the entire Red Cross organization and not just designated disaster areas.

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