Supporters of the Saturday farmers market protest Chico city council meeting

Demonstrators for the Saturday farmers market were out protesting in front of the Chico city council chambers Tuesday.

An item on Tuesday night's council meeting proposes an end to the city's lease agreement with the market.

The market has operated at the parking lot on the corner of 2nd and Wall Street for about 20 years and ending the franchise agreement would force it to move to a new location.

Some community members want to see it moved a block away to free up parking.

Downtown business owners have said in the past that the market hurts Saturday sales, but people connected to the market say a study they did just last week proves otherwise.

Cheryl King with the group "Friends of the Farmers Market" thinks the move smells pretty fishy.

"(There) seems to be a wave of interest in moving the market by a few people that are actually land owners downtown and not businesses downtown," King said. "If you look at the general plan, the vision plan for the general plan that was adopted by the city, there's a building on that site. So, I would say there's some motive for moving us."

King added that the proposed lot at the Chico Municipal Building doesn't work for them and would limit the number of vendors.

Chico Mayor Mary Goloff proposed the move to end the franchise agreement.

She's yet to be available for comment.

The Chico city council meeting lasted late into the evening Tuesday night.

As of 11 p.m. a resolution to the item had not yet come.

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