Suspect in TA Travel Center robbery and shooting sentenced

REDDING, Calif. - An Anderson man was sentenced to three years probation on Tuesday for the robbery and shooting at the TA Travel Center near Redding.

28-year-old Jerome Bugarin was sentenced to three years formal probation and 180 days of community service. He will also face five years in a state prison if probation is violated.

Bugarin was arrested along with 22-year-old Darryl Jernigan, 21-year-old Deshawn Young-Dabney and 28-year-old Billy Benjamin for the robbery and shooting that took place in June.

Deputies said Jernigan, Young-Dabney and Bugarin pretended to be selling $10,000 worth of prescription pain medication at the truck stop and planned to rob the alleged buyers.

During the robbery, shots were fired, and a bystander was shot.

All four suspects were charged with attempted murder, attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit a felony, and kidnapping. Young-Dabney also faced a charge of assault with a firearm.

Jernigan was sentenced back in April to 10 years in a state prison. His request for probation was denied.

Young-Dabney will be sentenced on July 9 and Benjamin will be back in court on June 19 for sentencing.

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