Suspect throws money into the air after morning robbery

REDDING, Calif. - A transient was arrested Friday morning after police said he tried to rob a series of businesses.  Police said the suspect is Bradley King, age 46, a transient who lives in the Redding area.

It started at 6:57 a.m. at  Lulu's Restaurant at 2230 Pine Street.  Police said King tried to reach into the cash register tray to steal money while the female cashier was helping another customer.  The cashier grabbed his arm and the two struggled. Police said the suspect didn't get any money. 

Across the street at the Starbucks inside Safeway at 2275 Pine Street, police said King demanded cash while pretending to hold a firearm under his sweatshirt.  The cashier told him he couldn't open the cash drawer, so King left.

King walked to the Safeway gas station, which is located on the east side of the store.  Police said he again pretended to have a firearm under his sweatshirt and demanded cash.  The cashier told him he could not open the cash register drawer.  King went behind the counter.  The cashier backed away, and King allegedly threw the cash register onto the floor.  The cash register opened, allowing King to take handfuls of bills before fleeing the store.

Officer Brian Cowan saw a man exiting the Safeway gas convenience store. Police said King threw a handful of money into the air.  The convenience store employee came out and pointed King out to Officer Cowan.

King was arrested for one count of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery.  Police said he confessed to crimes at Safeway and also reportedly admitted smashing a window out of the Salvation Army at 1557 Pine Street earlier in the morning to steal clothing.  

The clothing was found across the street and returned to the business after officer's responded to a burglary alarm at 6:04 am.  King was additionally charged with burglary.

Police said King is an admitted user of methamphetamine.  He had a hypodermic syringe in his possession when he was arrested.

King was booked at the Shasta County Jail for one count of robbery and one count of attempted robbery, as well as an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

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