Suspicious object leads to domestic violence arrest

CHICO, Calif. - A domestic violence report and a suspicious pipe brought Chico Police to an apartment complex in North Chico.   

It started around 6 a.m. Thursday at Chico Courtyards Apartments on Pillsbury Road.  A woman called police reporting a domestic dispute.

When police arrived, the woman said that her boyfriend, 24-year-old Ian Moor, had a suspicious pipe that she feared could be dangerous.

Police evacuated four individual apartments adjacent to Moor's upstairs unit.

Police found the device on the other side of the fence on the back side of the property near Highway 99.  Chico Police Captain Ford Porter said they determined it was nothing dangerous.

"It was probably three inches long, maybe not even a half-inch pipe," said Porter.  "It looked like it had already been exploded. One end of it was already burned."

Moor was arrested and booked on charges of domestic violence.  The girlfriend was taken to Enloe Medical Center with minor injuries.

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