SWAT team detains 4 people possibly connected to shooting

SWAT team detain four people possibly connected to shooting

CHICO, Calif. - The Butte County SWAT team stormed a Chico neighborhood Thursday morning looking for suspects linked to an early morning shooting.

It was at the same location as an apartment that was riddled with bullet holes earlier this week.

Chico police said the SWAT standoff stemmed from a 3 a.m. call of shots being fired in a neighborhood.

Police officers who were working the graveyard shift responded to an apartment building on the corner of Rancheria and North Cedar around 3:00 a.m. Thursday after reports of shots fired.

The suspects led them to a house on the 600 block of 4th Avenue near Warner Street.

"The officers set up a perimeter around the house trying to get the occupants to come out. They refused to comply," said Lieutenant Jennifer Gonzales of the Chico Police Department.

Chico police shut down the road for hours. The SWAT team was deployed and officers evacuated neighbors to get them out of harm's way.

As the SWAT team moved in, the entire neighborhood heard loud booms coming from the house. Around 11 a.m. SWAT officers were able to detain four people.

Neighbors who live in the apartment complex where the shooting happened refused to comment.

Police have not released the names of the four people they detained, and they are not ruling out this shooting as being gang related.

So far the four have not been arrested and no charges have been filed.

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