Teaching Compassion For Animals

In an effort to create a more compassionate society for animals, Tehama County Animal care manager Mark Storrey is volunteering his time at schools across the Northstate.

Storrey is using his experience and knowledge to teach students the importance of pet responsibility and the consequences for negligent care. 

"In order for us to make a change throughout the nation we've got to educate and start with the kids," says Storrey.

Storrey uses his two companion dogs, Missy and Nikita to help drive the message home.  He talks to students of all ages from elementary to high school on the importance of care for animals.  From veterinary care to socialization for the animals, Storrey says his visits have valuable lessons that are pertinent to their moral development.  He also teaches them to not prejudge breeds, and says the sooner they learn proper care the better.

"We are making a change and it's happening slowly but surely so we're headed in the right direction," says Storrey.

Storrey has been appointed the new CEO for Haven Humane Society in Redding.  The former CEO Ray John will be retiring at the end of February.  Even as CEO, Storrey says he will still volunteer his time on campuses with his pet education program.

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