Teen found after running away with internet stranger

Red Bluff runaway

RED BLUFF, Calif. - For the second time in three months a Red Bluff teen has met a stranger on the internet and ran away with them.

Red Bluff police said a 16-year-old girl was found Monday night in New Mexico with another 17-year-old male she met online. She was unharmed and in good health.

But police said this is a good reminder to be aware of what your child is doing while online.

As you pull off Interstate Five into Red Bluff a large sign reads, "Red Bluff A Great Place To Live."

But for whatever reason in the last three months two teens from Red Bluff have run away with people they met online.

The 16-year-old originally was reported as possibly en route to Texas with a 17-year-old boy. The young man drove all the way from the Lone Star state to pick her up.

But through the use of technology the teens were stopped by police in New Mexico Monday night.

This teen was not the only one taking off with someone she met online.

In March, 13-year-old Marylee Humke from Red Bluff, was found in Illinois after she was picked up by a 21-year-old man from Tennessee.

Humke apparently met him on a cell phone app.

Breanna Hawes a student at Red Bluff High School. They said they have heard of these cases.

"I know it's happened a lot. You can't hardly trust anyone on the internet."

While the teen said she's aware of the dangers she also know others her age might not be.

"I think people don't like their lives or something and they're just trying to find something else better to do."

Parents in Red Bluff were surprised by the news.

"Wow, ya that's crazy," said mother of four, Heather Smith.

"It's really scary," agreed Alicia Manzo.

Manzo said it's important to actively monitor your kids when they're online.

"My son, he goes on Youtube and stuff and we have the parental blocks on it but it's still scary and I try to keep them from being online too much," Manzo said.

Smith, whose kids are still too young to go online alone said she'll be active when the time comes.

"We'll definitely be having some talks before they are even able to use the internet especially hearing this kind of stuff because you really realize how serious it is," said Smith.

Police said although the ages in this recent case, 16 and 17, don't seem that far apart, that doesn't matter.

They said someone that age could still be up to no good.

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