Teen Violence Awareness Month

REDDING, Calif. - February is Teen Violence Awareness Month, and Shasta Women's Refuge wants to remind people that there is always help available.

The center says that 80 percent of teenagers will experience some form of abuse, but many don't report it out of fear. There are signs to watch out for in an abusive relationship:

  • Becoming More Dependent On Somebody Else
  • Withdrawing From Things A Person Once Loved
  • Becoming Depressed Or Stressed Out More Easily

Director of Eduction for the Shasta Women's Refuge, Emily Westphal, said that the center is doing everything they can to educate students at a young age.

"Our education department goes out to the local schools and teaches about domestic and dating violence," Westphal said.

It's not all statistics though. Westphal said "in these instances, often we have those who are sharing with us stories that they've experienced being in these situations where they feel isolation and extreme jealousy and they feel like they have no way of getting out of it."

There is a 24 Hour Crisis Hotline. The numbers are available at the link below.

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