Teens teach parents about underage drinking dangers

Teens teach parents about underage drinking dangers

REDDING, Calif. - Some Redding high school students are taking action against underage drinking.

Enterprise High School girls with the organization Friday Night Live held a town hall meeting Tuesday at the Oxford Suites in Redding. They talked about some of the issues they have seen involving their peers. The students discussed plans of action they are taking within their organization.

The theme Tuesday night was "Don't Be a Party to Underage Drinking."

Organizers said the big focus is on the parents.

"What [parents] say, what they do, and how they feel about a certain thing totally affects how the child reacts in certain situations," said student Samantha Vazmendes.

"We have a community norm that it's okay to drink," said Shasta County Chemical People Executive Director Betty Cunningham. "There's also a norm among some adults that think it's okay to serve alcohol to their young people as long as they are in the home safe. But that's not the only consequences of underage drinking. So it's very difficult to get the message out."

Part of Tuesday's presentation called for audience participation. The teens asked if the folks in attendance could tell the difference between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages based on their containers. It proved to be a difficult task for the handful of parents who showed up.

The keynote speaker was Shasta County Assistant District Attorney Josh Lowery.

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