Tehama County to fast-track new agriculture building

Tehama County to fast track new agriculture building

RED BLUFF, Calif. - They are fast tracking the relocation process in Tehama County.

The Board of Supervisors is pushing forward with some moving plans for government-owned buildings, approving the plans for a new 6,800-square foot facility.

County Chief Administrator Bill Goodwin said it will put both the Agriculture Department and the Air Pollution Control District under one roof.

The need came about because these departments were going to be displaced. The new Tehama County Courthouse will be taking over more than four-acres of county land, forcing the two offices and the Probation Department's Day Reporting Center to move elsewhere.

"Agriculture is a big part of the economy in Tehama County," said Goodwin.

The new building will house labs, work-spaces, and large conference rooms to fit 80-85 people. Officials hope it will give these departments adequate space to operate.

"These departments do have interaction with the farmers and the business community on a very regular basis, so all of this is a benefit to the community and is going to be here for a long time," said Goodwin. "These aren't the type of departments that might go away down the road. If anything, they are going to grow."

The new agriculture building has an estimated cost of about $1.8 million, while the county sold the new courthouse land for about $1.3 million.

Goodwin expects to break ground by November 2013, with the project expected to take about a year. Construction of the new courthouse is planned to start up in February 2015.

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