The Red Bluff Little League Is Dealing With Damaged Field

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Red Bluff Little League is dealing with some damage that happened to their field over the weekend when a car drove on it and tore it up.

The field is located behind Jackson Heights School and was damaged by vehicles driving on it and doing donuts. The Red Bluff Little League said that the area has never been damaged like this before but it has been vandalized in the past.

League President Korri McMahan said she hopes that they fields can be fixed before practice starts.

"It's going to be weeks of donated hours to fix it -- if we can fix it," she says. "My husband takes his vacation so he can work on the field so it doesn't look like this."

Players that have used the field for years and McMahan said they cannot believe that anyone would damage the field.

"I can't believe that anyone would do this," little league player, Faith Starr said. "I mean it just feels like someone came in and just tore up our home because we come here all the time and we play... It's what we love and someone destroyed it."

Police are still investigating the act of vandalism. The principal of Jackson Heights School will be checking surveillance video in an attempt to catch the culprit.

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