The United Bikers honor missing person Tera Smith

The United Bikers of Northern California have continually supported the Tera Smith Scholarship Foundation to keep the memory of missing person Tera Smith alive.

It has been 15 years since Central Valley High School teen Tera Smith disappeared. The 16-year-old left her home to go jogging on August 22, 1998 and was never seen again. To honor her, the Tera Smith Scholarship Foundation was established to benefit Central Valley High School students. On Wednesday night, the United Bikers presented their annual check of $2,000.00 to support the foundation. The event was at the American Legion in Cottonwood. It's a contribution that Tera's father Terry Smith said is more than appreciated.

"Losing a child is something nobody should have to go through, but if you have to go through it, it is sure good to have people like this in your corner," said Smith.

Smith says the United Bikers have been there for his family since Tera first went missing, helping out in whatever way possible.

"They have the biggest hearts, every time they physically embrace me and pat me on the back and it helps me get through it day by day," said Smith, "Fifteen years ago they promised they wouldn't forget and they haven't."

Since starting the foundation in his daughter's name, Smith says they have been able to help more than 30 Central Valley High School students.

"We get a feel for what their dreams are and it helps remind us of Tera and what she stood for," said Smith.

For the United Bikers, giving back is what they love to do.

"We are able to help other kids from Central Valley High School, and it's in her name so it's like she is still kind of with us," said United Bikers CFO and Vice President Kevin Cochise Marshall.

Marshall said he wants to lead his community by example, showing people they can make the best out of a tragic situation.

"You just have to spin the bar stool around, there is 360 degrees in a circle, and that's how many ways you can look at something," said Marshall.

Over the past 15 years, the United Bikers have donated more than $20,000.00.

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