The Women's Fund awards $30,000 to grantees

Redding, Calif. - The Women's Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation celebrated their fourth annual round of grant awards on Wednesday night in The Atrium at Market Street Promenade.

The organization gives money to non-profits that focus on issues affecting women and their families.  The recipients from 2012 started off the event, speaking about their success with the grant money for their programs. Last year's grantees were Good News Rescue Mission, Northern Valley Catholic Social Services and Restoration Enterprises.

The three grantees of 2013 are the California Heritage Youthbuild Academy, United Way and Shasta College. The California Heritage Youthbuild Academy will use the $15,000.00 they have been awarded for their "Women Striving to Succeed" program. United Way will use their $10,000.00 grant for their "Working Strategies for Women" program. Shasta College plans to use their $5,000.00 grant to expand their "Non-Traditional Employment for Women" program. This year's focus is "encouraging a culture of learning and growth."

"I think people genuinely see the benefits we're providing through our collective giving so that's what energizes people, and energizes me and we're able to make a difference in our community," said The Women's Fund membership chair Kristen Schreder.

The Women's Fund has 324 members. Over the past four years, they have given away a total of $95,000.00.

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