Thousands show up for the Pink Sundial

Redding, Calif. - More than 5,000 people attended the ceremony for the pink lighting of the Sundial Bridge in Redding for NorCal's Think Pink day on Thursday.

One of the NorCal Think Pink co-founders, Melody Christenson, said it is inspiring to see how much the community embraces breast cancer awareness.

"Bring it out into the open if you will and make people comfortable with the idea it needs a good deal of attention," said Christenson.

This is the 17th Annual NorCal Think Pink day. Five years ago NorCal Think Pink started lighting the bridge up in pink. They chose the iconic landmark because of its significance to the Northstate.

"We feel like it gives hope to survivors and brings attention to the issue and makes us feel there is something we can do about breast cancer," said Christenson.

Traditionally thousands of people head out to see the Pink Sundial, which leads them directly to information that can save their lives.

"A testament to events like this which raise awareness for breast cancer, most of the cancers that I find are small, most of them are curable," said Dr. Eva Bauer.

Dr. Eva Bauer has been a breast imaging specialist at MD Imaging in Redding for 10 years. She says NorCal Think Pink day has given people the tools to fight breast cancer, shining a pink spotlight on an important issue that affects so many.

"It should be a celebration of women getting together and empowering each other to take control of their health, early detection saves lives," said Dr. Bauer.

The Sundial Bridge will be lit up pink until Saturday.

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