Three Arrested In Robbery Plot Targeting Pregnant Woman at Redding River Trail

REDDING, Calif. - Three suspects have been arrested for the assault and robbery of a pregnant woman on the Redding River Trail in June.

One of the suspects,  Erica Swann, 29 of Anderson, originally claimed she was also a victim.  Now police say she was actually involved in a plot to rob Nicole Vultaggio, 18 of Redding.

Vultaggio was 8-months pregnant at the time and gave birth prematurely because of injuries she suffered during the attack. 

Swann was not injured during the robbery and did not appear to be a target of the suspects

The baby's father, 20-year-old Lance Swann, has also been arrested for the robbery.

Lance Swann is Erica Swann's cousin.

The third suspect is 20-year-old Jeffery Thomas Walton of Ventura.

Walton and Lance Swann are both serving in the United States Marine Corps and are being held in custody at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County.

Erica Swann had been walking with Vultaggio on the River Trail west of the Sundial Bridge on the evening of June 20 and told police they were both attacked. 

Investigators say cell phone records showed that Erica Swann had been texting just seconds before the assault. 

According to Redding Police, Walton told investigators that he participated in the assault/robbery along with Lance Swann. He confirmed Erica Swann was involved in the plot and had texted Lance Swann to signal when she and Vultaggio arrived at the trail.

Property stolen in the robbery was found during a search of Erica Swann's home.

Redding Police scheduled a Friday 2 p.m. news conference where they will release additional information about the investigation.

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