Three climbers rescued from Mt. Shasta

Three climbers rescued from Mt. Shasta

MT. SHASTA, Calif. - Three climbers had to be rescued from Mount Shasta this week, one of them was critically injured.     

It happened Wednesday morning, on New Year's Day, near the top of the mountain.

According to the CHP, one of the hikers, 20-year-old Olsya Karniayenka, lost her footing and fell.  A second hiker tried to help but lost her footing, fell, and suffered minor injuries.  

The third hiker, 22-year-old Vitalie Slivca, of Citrus Heights, descended to help.  During the descent, several large rocks became dislodged and struck Karniayenka, causing serious injuries.  Slivca also fell during the descent and suffered moderate injuries.

At 9:50 a.m. Siskiyou County Search and Rescue requested CHP's Northern Division Air Operations to assist with the rescue of the three injured hikers.  The hikers were located at approximately 12,000 feet above sea level, in steep, rugged terrain, near Lake Helen.  

The helicopter crew met U.S. Forest Service Climbing Ranger Nick Meyers at Bunny Flat and inserted him just above Lake Helen.  Ranger Meyers ascended approximately 1,000 feet to reach the injured hikers while the helicopter re-configured the aircraft for a hoist rescue.  

The helicopter then inserted a Bauman Rescue Bag and harness to Ranger Meyers to rescue the three hikers.  Once Ranger Meyers had the climbers properly secured, the helicopter conducted a hoist rescue of Karniayenka, who was in critical condition.  She was transported to Bunny Flat where an awaiting medical helicopter transported her to Mercy Medical Center in Redding.  

The helicopter returned and conducted a second hoist of a Slivca, who sustained moderate injuries.  He was transported to Bunny Flat and transported via ambulance to Mercy Medical Center in the City of Mt. Shasta.  The helicopter then recovered the third hiker, an woman in her early 20's.  The third hiker denied medical services.

As of Friday morning, Karniayenka had been upgraded to fair condition.

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