Three shooting suspects detained in Redding

Police: Two handguns found, no reports of gunshot wounds

Three shooting suspects detained in Redding

REDDING, Calif. - A reported shooting Thursday in Redding had officers piecing together information of what happened.

Redding Police detained a shooting suspect at an apartment complex at 1012 Layton Rd. His name has not been released. The unidentified man is one of three people allegedly involved in a shooting in the 1200 block of C Street.

The two other unidentified suspects were detained – one on C Street and the other around the corner on Ricardo Avenue.

Officers swarmed the home with guns drawn. An unnamed neighbor described what they saw prior to the arrival of officers.

"First I heard the one gunshot. Then I headed towards the door," said the neighbor. "As I got to the door through the window I could see a guy walking around with a gun in his hand."

Redding Police Sergeant Walt Bullington said two handguns were found. He said there were no reports of gunshot wounds. Calls made to area hospitals turned up no injured victims.

One shooting victim came back to the scene to speak with officers. He allegedly made statements to one officer saying that one of the suspects had allegedly stolen his vehicle and about 15-pounds of marijuana days ago.

The Redding Police Department took the suspects in for further questioning.

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