Tips to stay safe on the lake

The Shasta County Sheriff's Boating Safety Unit wants the public to stay safe while enjoying the waterways.

"Everybody comes out to Shasta Lake to have fun and we want them to have fun so we are out here to educate them," said Shasta County Boating Safety Unit Watch Commander Rob Sandbloom.

Sandbloom has been patrolling the waterways for the past five years and he wants to make sure people have the knowledge to protect themselves.

"Something out here that may seem innocent on the lake you could get hurt real easily," said Sandbloom.

Sandbloom says many boaters are unaware of how to navigate in low water levels. Since the Northstate didn't see a great amount of rainfall during the winter season, the lake level is lower than normal and boaters need to take extra precautions.

"Look for any low watermarks if you are going to go out on the water to know where the dangers are," said Sandbloom.

Sandbloom wants to remind people to always have their ski flags up if they have a person or rope down in the water to warn other boaters.  He says to make sure there is an observer to watch the person in the water.  Plus, he says it is essential for people to always wear their life vests, even if they are strong swimmers.

"If you are hit and go in the water there is a good chance if you aren't wearing a life jacket you could drown," said Sandbloom.

Making sure people stay safe on the lake is a personal mission for Sandbloom.

"I like to think if I had been in the area could I have saved that person," said Sandbloom, "Obviously I can't be everywhere and prevent everything but it really hurts when it happens on your watch."

The Shasta County Sheriffs Boating Safety Unit is located at Bridge Bay Resort on the main dock. They are responsible for all waterways in Shasta County.


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