Tomato Farm Converted into Marijuana Grow; Deputies Seize 1,400 Marijuana Plants

CHICO, Calif. - On Thursday detectives discovered that an old tomato plant farm had been converted into a large scale marijuana growing operation in Chico. Nearly 1,500 marijuana plants were seized from several greenhouses on the property.

Butte County Detectives served a search warrant at 10175 Alberton Avenue and recovered over 11 pounds of processed marijuana, 3.0 ounces of hash, .8 ounces of psilocybin, and three firearms. Detectives also said around 1,000 additional marijuana plants had already been harvested from the property prior to officials arriving.

Christopher Byers, 44, was the listed individual of the property who, according to detectives, was cultivating marijuana under the guise of Proposition 215.

Officials said each greenhouse was approximately 200 feet by 80 feet and equipped with six 4-foot ventilation fans and an 80-foot long cooling system.

Byers was not at the property when the search warrant was served. The investigation is ongoing.

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