Trash rising at Bidwell Park

CHICO, Calif. - A lot of trash is being left behind at Chico's Bidwell Park. While city officials are saying transients are the ones doing most of it, there are just not enough city workers to clean it all up.

This trend started happening after the city laid out serious cuts to all of its departments, and now there's just not enough people to keep it clean.

Park officials say they are seeing an increase of trash in all parts of Bidwell Park but most of the trash is found at One-Mile and Annie's Glen.

A lot of trash was found on the walk path that is south of the Sycamore Pool dam and ends at Lost Park. They found items such as sleeping bags, used syringes and food wrappers.

The city says that transients use the park to camp overnight but never pick up after themselves. It is a problem that park rangers say they need more staffing to fix.

"We don't have the staffing," said Bidwell Park Ranger Shane Romain. "We have 4,000 acres in Bidwell Park alone and then we also look after our green ways and there's a lot of illegal camps there. When you have one ranger on per shift typically and our maintenance staff has been dramatically to keep up with it is nearly impossible."

Park rangers say that Upper Bidwell Park hasn't been affected that much due to the fact it's far away from downtown. They say that maintenance workers pick up more than 30 lbs. of trash each day from the whole park.

The rangers also said that it's illegal to camp at Bidwell Park and they will issue a 48-hour warning for anyone sleeping in the park before they remove their trash.

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