Tree Branch Topples Onto Chico Family's Home

CHICO, Calif. - Delfina Eriquez and her family got quite a wake-up call Monday morning.

They thought there was a car crash outside of their home, but it turns out, it was something much different.

A massive tree branch came crashing down on their home, damaging the roof, porch, and nearby power lines around 4 a.m.

Eriquez said it sounded like a "car crashing into a pole."

City experts say the branches on the Chinese Pistache tree that broke didn't form a strong hold on the trunk.

That branch broke at the point of attachment, instead attaching to another branch.

They are more likely to fail; especially if it pulls into two different directions when the wind blows, but experts say it doesn't happen that often.

Luckily no one was hurt and everyone got out safely.

The City of Chico said if residents have a tree branch hanging over their home and they are worried about it,  they can call the city, which will come out and take care of it.

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