Two Dogs In Red Bluff Almost Beaten To Death

RED BLUFF,Calif - Two dogs were severely injured in Red Bluff on Tuesday and no one knows who did it or how it happened.

The dogs were let outside when they disappeared. Dog owner Philip Hamann said he started to wonder what happened to them when they didn't come back and he started looking for his dogs .

A couple of hours later the dogs returned. Hamann says he didn't notice that the dogs were covered in blood until they walked into the house.

"What I would like to know is what would make a person do such a thing!" said Hamann. "To a wonderful animal …beat them for no reason to the point of almost killing them."

The dogs were taken to the veterinarian and treated. Hamann said that he does not believe the injuries were caused by a car.

If anyone has any information they are urged to call the Red Bluff police department.

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