Unique kayak, made in Redding, provides numerous options on the water

Entrepreneurs introduce unique kayak to the Northstate

REDDING, Calif. - Two Shasta County entrepreneurs are trying to get their project off the ground and into the water.

They have come up with a unique invention to get people moving.

It is called the "DFP Kayak", and stands for "dive fish paddle". The inventors say it is more than just a simple kayak.

Co-founders Chris Peterson and Glenn Gippner have put in the time to make this an all-purpose boat. They said the kayak will open up numerous options when you are out on the lake, river, or ocean.

There is plenty of storage space for fishing poles and other accessories, but the truly unique feature is the "pontoon buoys" that help to keep the kayak afloat. It is something the guys took into consideration when developing the prototype.

"We looked at other kayaks out there, but there wasn't really anything that fit our needs," said Gippner. "We want to dive. We want to fish. We want to do this. They had other specific, you know, fishing kayaks or not really any diving kayaks out there. So we started talking and [Peterson] came up with this idea, 'what if we have this pontoon system?'"

The unique idea is getting international attention, with emails from various European countries.

Peterson and Gippner are still trying to get the funds they need to start making more vessels. At $1,500 per kayak, they say it is the average price for a watercraft like this.

They have launched a 'Kickstarter' campaign online to allow people to get involved by either buying the kayak, or just helping to get the project going.

For more information on the project and online campaign, visit this link.

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