Update: Deputies To Investigate Possible Murder-Suicide In Mother-Son Deaths

MAGALIA, Calif. - Police are officially calling the deaths of a mother and son in Magalia a double homicide.   But they are investigating the possibility it may have been a murder-suicide.  That was how the incident was initially described on the scanner when officers responded Thursday afternoon.

Butte County deputies were called to 6477 Fir Haven Drive in Magalia at 12:45 p.m. Thursday. 

Tom LeRoux, 61, said he arrived home and found his wife and son both shot.

Travis LeRoux, 25, was still alive when paramedics arrived on scene but was later pronounced dead. Kelli LeRoux, 50, was dead before the paramedics' arrival.

Deputies stretched crime scene tape at the end of the family's wooded drive.  The home was not clearly visible from the road.

Neighbors told KRCR Newschannel 7 the LeRoux family has three sons, all approximately in their 20's.

Initial scanner reports indicated a man had shot his mother, and then shot himself in the chest.  But investigators said they will not make that determination until after the autopsy and investigation are complete.

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