Update: Early Morning Stabbing Lands One in the Hospital

CHICO, Calif. - An early morning stabbing in Chico landed one man in the hospital and three other men in jail after some kind of altercation outside of a home.

Chico Police say they found a 23-year-old man lying in a driveway off Sunrise Court early Saturday morning with multiple stab wounds all over his body after a fight.

"During the fight, someone pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim," said Chico Police Officer Michael Rodden.

Police say the victim was attacked in the middle of the street and made his way to a driveway.  They also found a group of men standing around the 23-year-old saying they were his friends and family.

Police say they do not believe anyone in the group stabbed the 23-year-old.

He was taken to Enloe Medical Center and is expected to survive.  Police also revealed this area has a lot of gang activity.

A gang marking was found on a fence; very close to where the stabbing happened.

It's a sign police say comes from the Nortenos gang.

"We have what we call Viaro Chico Norte, that's their gang.  The Nortenos work under the umbrella group of prison gangs that associate with the Nortenos," said Officer Rodden.

Police can't say yet for sure if this stabbing was gang related.

"There was conflicting reports as far as the suspects and who actually did the stabbing," said Officer Rodden.

If you know any more information about this you are asked to call Chico Police.

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