Update: Nichols Murder Suspect Quentin Bealer Yet to Enter Plea

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The man accused of killing a Red Bluff teenager made his fifth court appearance Wednesday.  He did not enter a plea.

Quentin Bealer is accused of killing 14-year-old Marysa Nichols in late February.

Her body was found near a creek behind Red Bluff High School.

During his last court appearance, Shon Northam, an attorney from Sacramento, took his case and asked for more time to prepare.

Northam said he does not have enough information from law enforcement to have his client enter a plea.

He said he doesn't want to move forward with the case until he has those reports.

Ricky Nichols, Marysa's biological father, was also in the courtroom.

Nichols told us the lack of information is frustrating.

"This whole thing's just been a nightmare and it just keeps getting worse and worse with no information. Hand stuff over, you know, if it's that rock solid of a case then hand over what you have and let's get started with this'" Nichols said.

He told us he has several questions for investigators and the district attorney but he said they are keeping him out of the loop.

The judge scheduled Bealer's next court appearance for April 9. He is expected to enter a plea on the day, but that will depend on the number of reports given to his attorney.

If he doesn't have what he thinks he needs, Northam said he'll enter a formal discovery motion, which would pressure the district attorney to hand over the reports.

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