UPDATE: Permit issues resolved, Big Bike Weekend will roll on as scheduled

Big Bike Weekend in jeopardy just hours before event is set to start

REDDING, Calif. - Big Bike Weekend will roll as scheduled this weekend.  There were some last-minute concerns over the required permits.  But Friday morning, organizers said the issues have been resolved.

The Redding Fire Department called organizers before 7:30 a.m. and settled the permit issues. Organizers will  pick up their permits and everything will go forward as planned.

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the west coast come to Redding for Big Bike Weekend.

Thursday evening, the City Clerk's Office said the Redding Fire Department had several issues with permits for the event.

The department wanted Big Bike Weekend to apply for an assembly permit, tent permits if needed, and something to do with propane for the vendors.

Big Bike Weekend's Chairwoman, Connie Grinols told KRCR News Channel 7 the requirement blind sided them because it came at 5:00 p.m. Thursday night, which is less that 24 hours before the 3-day event starts.

Grinols said Thursday night, "This would be a terrible disappointment to the community, it would be a terrible revenue drain because these vendors would leave if we can't have the event. The hotels would be vacant if we can't have the event, but we hope tomorrow morning when we go to city hall and do what we need to do we'll walk away with the special event permit in hand."

As of Friday morning it appears everything has been resolved.

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