Update: Vehicle Spinout In Shasta County Closes Northbound Interstate 5

REDDING, Calif. - As of 3:15 p.m. Northbound Interstate 5 was closed at Pollard Flat in Shasta County due to a vehicle spinout.  The accident is about 35 miles north of Redding near Lakehead.

Chain controls are in effect on northbound Interstate 5 at Fawndale.

According to Caltrans, all Northbound vehicles are being screened for chains 10 miles north of Redding.  Vehicles must have maximum chains in their possession in order to proceed.

Chains or snow tires are required in the Dunsmuir area, from 3 miles south of Dunsmuir to 4 miles north of Dunsmuir.

On State Route 299, Chains are required on all vehicles except 4-wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all 4 wheels from 11 miles east of Douglas City (Trinity County) to 19 miles west of Redding (Buckhorn Summit).

On State Route 89 chains or snow tires are required from McCloud to 0.5 miles south of the Junction of Interstate 5 (McCloud Summit in Siskiyou County).

On State Route 36 chains or snow tires are required from 3 miles east of Mad River (Trinity County) to Platina (Shasta County/South Fork Mountain).

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