Updated: Mother Allegedly Attempts to Attack Son with Ax; Attacks Police too

OROVILLE, Calif. - An Oroville woman is in custody is in custody Fri. night after she allegedly tried to attack her son with an ax on Thurs. And when police got to the scene, they say the woman attacked them too.

Oroville Police said that 42-year-old Shirley Booth chopped down her son's bedroom door with an ax. Police said that her 20-year-old son, Christopher Booth, said she swung at him several times with the ax once she got in the room, saying she was going to kill him. He said she narrowly missed his head and torso.

Oroville Police said that Christopher Booth was listening to music in his home on Morningstar Dr. when it happened.

Booth was able to escape out of a window and he ran to a neighbor's home.

Police said once they got to the home, they approached Christopher's bedroom window and were able to put handcuffs on Shirley Booth. While doing this, Shirley still managed to pull an officer into the home and she started biting and attacking the officers.

The Booth's neighbors said they are still shaken up by the event.

"There were cops everywhere, they were all down the street and there was a lot of them that came flying down the street and they swarmed the house," said Michelle Balser who lives down the street.

Balser said she moved to the neighborhood about two weeks ago with her four daughters to escape violence in their old Chico neighborhood.

"I saw her son afterward he was really shaken up and I really fell for him. The whole thing is very shocking. I hope she gets the help she needs because she obviously needs help so hopefully she gets it," continued Balser.

When officers were finally able to restrain Shirley she was taken to Oroville Hospital where they discovered she was high on a controlled substance, believed to most likely be methamphetamine.

Police officers said her levels were so high she was close to overdosing.

Officers said they have been called to the Morning Star Drive home before for noise complaints before but never for any calls of violence.

Shirley Booth is being charged with multiple charges including felony assault.

Police said the case has been handed over to the Butte County District Attorney and said pending further investigation attempted murder charges could be added.

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