Vehicle crashes into construction site on Placer St.

Vehicle crashes into construction site on Placer St.

REDDING, Calif. - An SUV hit multiple cars then crashed into a construction vehicle Thursday night according to police.

Witnesses said a white Ford Explorer was traveling westbound on Placer Street at a high rate of speed when it struck a car from behind at the intersection of West Street and Placer. The vehicle continued on Placer until it crossed the center line near Olive Avenue and struck a construction vehicle.

According to construction workers at the scene the vehicle then spun around facing east and flipped on to its side nearly hitting the men performing road maintenance.

"All I saw was sparks coming at us. Everybody just jumped. We got out of the way," said Eddie Axner, a construction worker at the scene. "He hit our service truck. The vehicle flipped and rolled over and landed on our light tower ... behind us."

The man driving the vehicle was unconscious after the wreck and the construction workers who witnessed the collision tried to free him. It ultimately took firefighters and the jaws of life to remove the driver from his car.

The driver was transported by ambulance to the hospital where police said he would be tested for alcohol and drugs after receiving treatment for his wounds.

No one else was hurt in the crash.

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