Victim of Attempted Burglary Says He's Happy to Be Alive

REDDING, Calif. - Larry Karns' story could have ended differently had his mailman not arrived at his door at just the right time. He was the victim of an attempted robbery on Wednesday.

"I was just going to lock the side door here and I reached to lock it and all of a sudden the door flew open," said Karns, 69. "Two guys (were) standing there with guns pointing at my face."

The two male suspects pushed themselves into the home on the 800-block of Delta St., while they held guns to his chest.

"I thought it was a joke!," said Karns. "I really thought the whole thing was a fragment of my imagination."

But what Karns saw was real. Karns said he didn't have time to call 9-1-1 as the men told him to give them stuff he said he did not have.

"Somebody might had turned them on to something I have here which I don't,"
Karns said.

At this point, Karns decided to run for it.

"That's when the guy fired the shot... it went right past my leg!," Karns said. He made it out the door and when he got out, his neighbors were there, making sure he was OK.

The neighbors had also already called the police.

In search of the two suspects, police noted that high-risk sex offender Tyreko Trevon Mattox, 33, was on Delta St. that day based on the GPS tracking device strapped to his ankle. Karns was able to identify Mattox as the suspect who discharged the firearm.

Investigators located Mattox in a green GMC pickup in the area of 8th and West Streets. The driver of the vehicle, who was later identified as 26-year-old Patrick Ryan, immediately sped away.

Ryan traveled several blocks before colliding with a utility pole on the corner of Olive and Shasta Streets. Mattox, Ryan and a third occupant, 19-year-old David Johnson, fled the vehicle, but were apprehended a short distance from the scene.

Ryan and Johnson were eliminated as suspects in the robbery. Mattox was booked for charges of robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse and several other charges.

Johnson was booked on the charge of resisting arrest and investigators will seek charges of hit and run and resisting arrest against Ryan.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about the identity of the second robbery suspect is asked to contact Redding police.

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