Vina Elementary School celebrates 90th anniversary

Vina Elementary School celebrates 90th anniversary

VINA, Calif. - The picture of pastoral life, Vina Elementary School in rural Tehama County celebrated its 90th anniversary with a day of events on Saturday.

The day started with a 5k walk and run, followed by a pancake breakfast.

Events continued with a crafts and vendors fair on the front lawn of the school while children enjoyed games and activities in a Kids Zone nearby.

Inside the auditorium, people poured over antique pictures remembering the history of the school, which is now part of the Los Molinos Unified School District. They also reminisced by looking over trophies the school has won for various sporting events over the many years.

Hardly changed from when it was originally build in 1924, except for earthquake retrofitting some years ago, school principal as well as third and fourth grade teacher Debbie Burgett said the school is a major part of the small community of Vina.

"I'm teaching kids whose grandparents were in the very same classroom, that use the very same auditorium. That's so special and we know that in this community. It's kind of the heart of the town, the school is," Burgett said.

On hand for some of the day's festivities, the oldest living alumnus of the school, who just so happens to be related to Burgett, making for a very unique experience.

"My father-in-law went to school here from 1931 to 1939 so he was our oldest alumni and here I am teaching here," Burgett said.

Some who know the history of Chico may look at the building and find it oddly familiar. That's because it is the exact same design as the former Shasta Elementary School building, which has since been torn down.

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