Violent Gun Crime In Chico; Schools Put On Lockdown

CHICO, Calif. - A disturbance involving handguns put two elementary schools on lockdown on Tuesday.

Chico police officers were called out to the 2300-block of North Ave. around 12:30 p.m.

Bidwell Jr. High School and McManus Elementary Schools were placed on lockdown because of the violent nature of the call.

When officers arrived they saw a silver Lexus and a black Ford sedan quickly trying to leave the area.

Officers caught up with the cars as they split up in two different directions, eventually catching them and identifying the drivers.

The only person in the silver Lexus was identified as Romelle Lawson. He was later arrested for driving on a suspended license in a vehicle that did not belong to him.

The black sedan was stopped several blocks away.

The driver in the car was not arrested but the passenger was identified as Robert Davis. He was arrested for being in possession of a handgun, a violation of his probation.

Chico Police say both cars were involved in the crime that occurred on North Ave. We do not know what exactly that crime entailed; only that the victims decided not to press charges.

All three subjects were from the Bay Area.

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