Vista Middle School Students Celebrate Earth Day

RED BLUFF,Calif - Vista Middle School students in Red Bluff celebrated Earth Day in a big way this year. They held their annual "Fear Factor" event on campus to promote healthy eating choices. The event was a collaboration between the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion from California State University Chico and College OPTIONS.

Vista Middle School's Garden Club coordinated the event. School garden advocates Joni Samay and Alyson Wylie gained national recognition and were invited to the White House garden social last October because of the school's garden club. The Wal-Mart Distribution Center has helped keep the program running by donating fruits and vegetables to the club.

Today, a bike blender was brought to school from Chico State University and was used for making green smoothies of kale, spinach, strawberries, and bananas. Students dressed up in life-size fruit and vegetable costumes and pedaled around campus to blend the smoothies.

"I thought the combination of the smoothie was going to be a little weird at first," said Vista Middle School student Erica Downey. "But when I tasted it, the fruits overpowered the vegetables and I realized that I could eat vegetables without having to taste them."

Students learned that it's important to take care of the Earth and eat healthy.

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