Walsh: Murder suspect under international spotlight

CNN show to feature manhunt for alleged murderer Shane Miller

Walsh: Murder suspect under international spotlight

REDDING, Calif. - The hunt for alleged Northstate killer Shane Miller is reaching the international stage.

A television series, appropriately named The Hunt, makes its CNN debut Sunday. It will shine that white, hot spotlight on the murder suspect and his heinous crimes. That is what host John Walsh said in an interview Thursday with KRCR News Channel 7.

With more than 20 years on the job, Walsh has made a living out of looking for bad guys. He said he has helped catch more than 1,300 criminals and rescued several dozen missing children as the former host of America's Most Wanted.

"The public really cares about getting these dangerous fugitives off the streets," Walsh said.

The new CNN show, and the series premiere on Sunday, will have all eyes on Shasta County.

The Shane Franklin Miller case is one that the public has been following since the news broke in May 2013. Miller is the prime suspect, accused of murdering his wife Sandy and their two daughters, Shelby Miller, 8, and Shasta Miller, 4, in their Shingletown home.

Mare Deutcher, who is a client advocate at One SAFE Place in Redding, spoke with Sandy Miller a month before she was killed. Sandy went to the shelter to seek help for herself and her daughters.

"It was real clear to her that [Shane] could kill her or would kill her if she stayed," Deutcher explained.

Ultimately Sandy decided against staying at One SAFE Place because she did not feel comfortable.

Speaking from a CNN studio in New York, Walsh said he knows friends and family are hurting.

"I know what collateral damage he left," Walsh said. "He just didn't kill his wife and two little girls - he left behind a small town that was devastated."

Going through tragedy himself with the murder of his son in 1981, Walsh can empathize with Shingletown residents.

Walsh is quoted in The Hunt's promotional material saying, "What the hell kind of a man is that? That shoots his own little girl?"

The focus of the new show, produced by Zero Point Zero Production, will turn to broadening the manhunt for Miller. They expect the television audience to learn of the tragedy and be able to recognize the suspect's face.

"When the cases get cold the law enforcement agencies don't have the resources, they don't have the money, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent looking for Shane Miller," Walsh said. "[Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko] just never gave up. So now all of a sudden [Miller] is going to be under a white, hot spotlight that goes into Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States."

Getting the cooperation from the Shingletown community, Walsh said the production team was able to learn in-depth details about Miller. He sent out the warning to those who may be helping the fugitive along the way.

"If you think Shane Miller won't turn on you - somebody that can kill his wife and two children - you can just make him mad for two seconds and he'll turn around and blow you away," Walsh said.

Multiple reported sightings of Miller throughout the Northstate and elsewhere keep the search ongoing.

"I know what collateral damage he left. He just didn't kill his wife and two little girls - he left behind a small town that was devastated."

-John Walsh, host of CNN's The Hunt

As for Walsh, he is back on the job and just trying to help.

"I say to everybody out there - hopefully we can end your pain, hopefully this creep will be caught, and he'll face justice for what police say was the most cowardly and brutal murders they've ever seen."

Producers of The Hunt tell us Sunday's episode will show the story of how Miller's wife and children were murdered, all following accusations of continued domestic violence that happened in the small Shasta County town.

Shane Franklin Miller remains on the US Marshal's 15 most wanted list.

CNN's The Hunt with John Walsh debuts Sunday, July 13 at 9:00 p.m.    

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